Changes to the Continuous Innovation Blog

For the past several years, I have been sharing all my raw (and not so raw) thoughts on Lean Startup, Lean Canvas, Continuous Innovation, and LEANSTACK on this blog.

As LEANSTACK has grown, I've decided to split and reorganize things differently.  

Moving forward, I will be posting on three separate blogs/newsletters.


This blog will be used primarily as a company blog where I/we will share company announcements, product how-tos, and product updates.

To preserve link integrity, I'm not moving or deleting any old posts, but all new articles that fall outside LEANSTACK will be posted on one of the other two newsletters below.

2. Practice Trumps Theory Newsletter

This was the original name of this blog and where it all began - before there was LEANSTACK or Lean Canvas or Running Lean. I'm returning to my original roots and intend to use this newsletter as a space for raw thinking and previewing new work before it's released to the public (books, products, etc.).

You can read the About page for a full description.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge, consider subscribing from that page.

3. Coaching Lean Newsletter

This new initiative is aimed at educators, consultants, mentors/coaches interested in leveling up their startup coaching skills.

The first post should give you an idea of who's it for and what it will cover.

If it's for you, please consider subscribing to that page.

Thank you for reading!



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