The Beautiful Game of Entrepreneurship

Introducing the “BOOTSTART plan”

LEANSTACK was founded around a big what-if question.
What if entrepreneurship were like football (or soccer to some of you) — with low barriers to entry and a level playing field?

In my early travels, I found entrepreneurs everywhere. While we all looked different and spoke different languages, I saw that for the first time in history, we all had near-equal access to the same tools and knowledge, wanted and feared the same things, and made the same mistakes.

The new face of entrepreneurs

This inspired me to sell my last business and start a new company whose mission is to help entrepreneurs everywhere succeed through better tools, content, and training resources.

Early this year, I rolled out my last seven years of learning — spanning two best-selling books, hundreds of workshops, and thousands of hours with entrepreneurs, as a new feature in the LEANSTACK platform — The Roadmap.

This week, we are rolling out a new BOOTSTART plan aimed at early-stage founding teams for up to 5 members working on a single project for just a flat fee of $10/mo.

If you are a student with an active .edu account, the BOOTSTART plan is $0 (free). Fill out an application to apply

Here are the finer details:

Up to 5 members, $10 monthly flat fee
$7 per user/month for additional members
1 project

What you get:

  • Lean Canvas: Capture your business model story in 20 minutes versus 2- days. #NoBusinessPlan
  • Traction Model: Build a traction roadmap using just 7 key metrics. #NoExcelMagic
  • Sprint Board: Visualize your goals, risks, and experiments on a single page. #NoProductRoadmaps
  • The Roadmap: A battle-tested guided curriculum for taking an idea from concept to scale. Used by accelerators, universities, and enterprises.

How to sign-up for the BOOTSTART plan:

  1. Create a new account or sign in at
  2. Click the Upgrade tab on the left.
  3. Select the BOOTSTART plan.

There is no time better than the present to start.

Sign-up to the BOOTSTART plan.

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