New Product: USERcycle — a better way to track and engage your customers

In the course of applying lean startup techniques to my other products, I’ve stumbled across a recurring problem of finding better ways to track and improve engagement with my users.

This not only applies to early users when lots of things can and do go wrong but also to later users when you need to drive retention and engagement actively. Like others, I started by cobbling together a home-grown solution which quickly got hard to maintain.

I’ve taken a new approach that applies much of this learning and overcomes earlier limitations.

Say Hello to USERcycle

USERcycle is NOT an analytics product, and the best way to describe it would probably be as a
“Highrise (CRM) for Web Apps.”

Current Status

  • I’ve got a small number of companies already using and paying for USERcycle.
  • I’ve socialized the idea with several people I respect who have also agreed to come on board as advisors. I’ll be sharing their names soon.
  • I’ve created my Business Model Canvas and am ready to start testing for a Problem/Solution fit.

So, if you have an existing web application or are building a new one…

I’d love the opportunity to spend 15–20 mins with you, share what we’re doing, and get your feedback.

If you’re willing to participate, please head on over to and sign-up there.


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